14-Year-Old Winner Of Romania’s Got Talent Nailed America’s Got Talent Stage With Spectacular Dance

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 15, 2024

At just 14 years old, Darius Mabda captivated audiences and judges alike, winning the title on Romania’s Got Talent with his extraordinary dance abilities.

However, his journey didn’t end there when he touched hearts with a poignant performance on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, propelling his impressive skills onto the global stage. During his audition for the American competition, Darius was visibly moved, barely whispering a greeting before emotion overcame him.

After some supportive words from the judges, Darius said he was very nervous to appear on America’s Got Talent because “it’s the biggest stage in the world”. The crowd was already on his side at this point, but they were about to get a real show when Darius began his performance of Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood”. You can watch the dance below.

The panel of judges offered encouraging words, boosting his confidence. Darius was so nervous because for him, America’s Got Talent is “the biggest stage in the world”. The audience was already rooting for him, but they were in for a treat as he launched into a dynamic interpretation of Shawn Mendes’ hit “In My Blood.” Watch his incredible performance below:

Darius displayed classical ballet with modern dance elements, creating an acrobatic and intricate performance that captivated everyone watching. Terry Crews, the show’s host, noted that Darius’ initial nervousness dissipated as he executed a series of jumps, flips and spins, showcasing his exceptional physical prowess and keeping viewers excited.

Judge Heidi Klum was really drawn in by his performance and she gave a standing ovation to the teen along with the audience. After the dance she told him “you really are incredible. It was absolutely amazing and breathtaking to watch. You’re borderline a contortionist also while you’re dancing.”

Numerous viewers left positive comments, highly praising his talent. A viewer wrote, “What I love about him is that the second he starts dancing, all this stress just disappears, he’s just lost in the moment. Brilliant,” while another added, “I really liked his unusual twist and turns!! Nice to see a mixture eloquent and perfected!”

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