Middle School Band Chapter 13 Proved That The Number 13 Is Anything But Unlucky With Their Sensational Performance Of A Stevie Wonder Classic

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 14, 2024

Their rendition of “Sir Duke” transformed the soulful tune into an electrifying pop rock anthem that left everyone at Britain’s Got Talent in awe.

Comprised of talented young musicians Jacob (14), Noah (15), Tom (15), and Jake (15), the band’s destiny seemed written in the stars after they met while performing in the School of Rock musical.

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Chapter 13 showcased their exceptional musicality with a tight and powerful rhythm section, while lead vocalist Tom impressed with his incredible vocal range, fearlessly hitting every high note perfectly.

Not only did the band possess immense talent, but they also exuded charisma and swagger, captivating the audience and prompting them to rise to their feet in applause. The crowd went wild as Jake’s fiery guitar solo concluded the performance, showcasing the band’s undeniable power.

Watch the brilliant audition for yourself below:

There was so much energy in the room when Amanda Holden opened the comments, saying “I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen four young musicians so together. The drummer, you were amazing. The guitar playing was spot on – some of the faces you were pulling were fantastic. I just think you are absolutely incredible.”

The boys couldn’t believe their luck and joyfully celebrated, with the crowd thoroughly enjoying the moment. One of their fathers, seen in the crowd, appeared to be the proudest dad in the world, his eyes welling up with emotion.

After the celebrations settled, Alesha Dixon praised, “Honestly, the musicianship I just saw was outstanding. Your skill level was incredible.” David Walliams also had warm words, expressing, “It was so refreshing that you were so brilliant. And also, they were original versions of those songs. It was faultless, guys. You came; you conquered.”

Simon Cowell echoed these sentiments, commenting “This is so well deserved. I can imagine kids watching this show thinking ‘I would love to be in that since that is more fun than being at school.’ That was fantastic.”

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