17 Year Old Playing “Sultans Of Swing” Becomes Most Watched Drum Cover On YouTube

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 21, 2023

German musician Sina Doering loved music and drums from a young age. A 1999-born musician, she started posting videos on YouTube in 2013 playing along to “drumless” backing tracks.

Dire Straits was one of the biggest seventies and eighties bands, thus we all know their tunes. Sultans of Swing may seem predictable, but talented drummer Sina was not told.

A new generation of Dire Straits fans has discovered their music through her cover of the drum part of this famous song. Every beat is precise, and she plays passionately. Sina plays with deftness that would take decades. Listen to her performance and be amazed.

She looks naturally gifted since she takes the music without the drum track and makes it her own. She admits it’s not an identical duplicate, but this capacity to personalize a track distinguishes competent musicians from great ones.

She was born Bon in Marburg, Germany, to musicians. Her mother plays piano and sings, but not professionally. Her father plays live and in the studio. Sina joined him on tour with a Beatles tribute band at two years old. Clearly, she got the music bug then.

In 2010, her father bought a drum equipment for live recordings. Incapacity to drum was the twist. Sina led and learned. Within a year, she could record professionally.

Sina played with her dad until 2010, when she founded Sina-Drums on YouTube. Her channel became famous for covering famous tunes. It was unsatisfying, so she created her own style. Her dad writes songs, therefore she collaborated with him on Chi Might Project, her debut album. She worked with international musicians to flesh out the songs.


Sina, a drummer, graduated from Krefeld’s Drummers Institute, recording original music, and uploading it to YouTube. She has a growing YouTube following and a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

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