Singer Hits 27M Views With ‘The Best’ Cover Of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ On YouTube

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 21, 2023

Lanie Gardner, born in 1999 in Burnsville, North Carolina, is a talented singer known for her famous song renditions. She was inspired by her grandfather, who dreamed of making music his profession. Lanie began singing at just four.

Lanie, a talented singer with a melodic voice, began singing at a young age and began writing her own music at twelve. Her creativity at such a young age sets her apart from other stars. Talent scouts now spend a lot of time online, discovering Lanie’s talent.

In 2016, Lanie’s viral TikTok and YouTube videos featuring her singing cover versions of famous songs, including Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” secured her management contract with Jonas Group Entertainment and a record deal with Republic Records.

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