Adam Lambert’s “Born To Be Wild” Will Get You Goosebumps

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 21, 2024

American Idol has witnessed the presence of numerous outstanding vocalists, but few can match the stage prowess exhibited by Adam Lambert. but can anyone compare to the electrifying presence of Adam Lambert? One standout moment was his captivating performance of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” during the top seven round. Lambert not only showcased his remarkable vocal range but also held the audience in the palm of his hand at will.

Lambert made a bold entrance, dressed in a rock ‘n’ roll ensemble of a leather jacket and black jeans. His stage presence was unmatched, radiating an immense amount of energy that had the crowd in a frenzy. Instead of following the gruff blues rock style of Steppenwolf’s frontman, Lambert took it in a more melodic direction, with impressive vocal acrobatics.

The peak of the performance was truly epic, as Lambert effortlessly soared to the highest notes, creating a sound that could rival an air raid siren. You can watch all of Adam’s performances on American Idol, including his extraordinary rendition of “Born to be Wild,” at the 11:58 mark. Ready to be impressed? Let’s dive in:

Plenty of online viewers left sincere compliments in the comment session, applauding for amazing performances, especially his rendition of “Born to be Wild.”

One wrote, “Adam Lambert is the Best!!! Adam Lambert is simply unbeatable. He has an incredible voice, can sing ANY musical style and has a lot of stage presence! He is a brilliant showman! Adam was born to be a superstar and in fact, that’s what he became!”

Another continued, “Adam brought uniqueness to the show. He was not just a singer. He was a showman like AI has never seen, no talent show has ever seen. It was genuine, not staged, or forced. He brought his heart and soul every night.”

Many expressed their regret when Adam didn’t win the show but wish him a glittering music career.

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