This Miraculous Mashup Brings Rihanna And Demi Lovato’s Voices Together For A Superb “Stay” Duet

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 21, 2024

After Gaga and Kelly Clarkson, this time we have another two vocal powerhouses joining their voices for an unforgettable edited collaboration: Rihanna and Demi Lovato.

Rihanna’s soul-stirring single “Stay,” performed alongside Mikky Ekko, was reimagined in an unexpected and captivating mashup featuring Demi Lovato’s vocals, thanks to the creative magic of YouTuber Blighght. This innovative rendition weaves together live performances from both superstars, creating a duet that’s as powerful as it is poignant.

The video kicks off with Rihanna’s tender and emotive delivery of the opening verse, immediately drawing listeners into the song’s heartfelt narrative. Demi Lovato’s voice soon melds into the mix, adding a layer of raw power and emotion that perfectly complements Rihanna’s mellow tones. The interplay between their voices throughout the song is nothing short of spellbinding, showcasing the distinct vocal prowess of each artist.

As the song unfolds, Rihanna and Lovato take turns leading the melody, with Rihanna’s evocative chorus performances and Lovato’s robust and powerful verses. This fan-made mashup skillfully combines Rihanna’s 2013 SNL appearance with a Lovato concert from 2014, achieving a harmony that feels as though the two were destined to perform together.

Originally crafted by Mikky Ekko, Justin Parker, and Elof Loelv for Rihanna’s Unapologetic album, “Stay” emerged as a standout track, earning widespread acclaim and multiple Platinum certifications. Alongside “Diamonds,” another hit from the album, “Stay” reinforced Rihanna’s reign on the charts, further cementing her as a vocal force to be reckoned with in the music industry. You can watch the original version here, with an unexpected appearance of Anne Hathaway.

The blend of Rihanna and Lovato’s interpretations breathes new life into “Stay,” transforming it into a deeply moving duet that resonates with fans. This fan creation has not only won the hearts of viewers but also sparked a wish for an official collaboration between the two talents one day.

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