Adele’s Powerful Performance of ‘Easy On Me’ at the NRJ Music Awards Delivers Soulful Impact to the Audience

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 3, 2024

Adele’s captivating performance of “Easy on Me” at the NRJ Music Awards truly showcased her exceptional vocal talent. Accompanied only by a lone piano and electric bass, she had no room to hide as a vocalist. However, she gracefully rose to the challenge and delivered an emotionally charged rendition that beautifully conveyed the song’s lyrics.

Watch: Adele Amazes with 'Easy On Me' Performance at NRJ Awards 2021 - That  Grape Juice

Adele’s passionate delivery demonstrated just how much this song means to her, making the performance incredibly impactful. In today’s music industry filled with auto-tuned disposable tracks, it’s refreshing to witness such a sincere and genuine performance. Her vocals were flawless, and the subtle imperfections in the live version only added to its unique charm.

“Easy on Me” is one of the many songs on Adele’s fourth album, “30,” that addresses her separation from her former husband, Simon Konecki. In an interview with The Guardian, she expressed her hope that the album would help her son Angelo understand their divorce, acknowledging the pain it caused him. This personal connection to the lyrics adds another layer of depth to the performance.

Adele’s NRJ Music Awards performance resonated deeply with her fans, as evidenced by the staggering 154 million views the video received. It quickly became one of the most popular videos on her channel and stands as her second most beloved live performance.

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People left positive comments to applaud for an amazing performance. One YouTube viewer wrote, “No matter how many times I hear her voice it really takes me to another place.her voice is like a siren in the sea,it’s such a beautiful sound from a really humble and beautiful person that she is.”

Another continued, “Hands down one of the best singers of all time, just pure pure talent. She makes every note just seem so effortless. And so incredibly emotional you can feel every word she sings in every single song. Absolutely amazing.”

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