Ed Sheeran Surprises 13-Year-Old Fan Singing ‘Thinking Out Loud’ in Canadian Mall – Watch the Heartwarming Moment Unfold

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 4, 2024

In the bustling center of Edmonton, Canada, a heartwarming event took place that would resonate with people around the globe. A young vocalist named Sydney Bourbeau was at the heart of this story, alongside the internationally acclaimed artist Ed Sheeran, during a charity event for the Edmonton Humane Society at West Edmonton Mall.

Ed Sheeran Surprises a Teen Fan at the Mall | Video | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Sydney, at the tender age of 13 and with a love for music, graced the stage to deliver her version of the popular song “Thinking Out Loud.” Little did she know, Ed Sheeran was nearby in a music shop. Captivated by the sound of his own song, Sheeran was compelled to join the performance.

Watch the surprise duet here:

As Sheeran strummed his guitar and stepped onto the stage, the crowd was mesmerized by the duo. The spontaneous performance by the star and the teen was a harmonious surprise that captivated the audience. The song, once a solo by Sydney, was now elevated by the blend of two distinct voices.

Sydney’s astonishment was evident when she realized who had joined her. Initially confused by the interruption, she quickly embraced the moment, singing alongside the music icon—a moment that would leave her in awe.

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to such heartfelt gestures, having a reputation for connecting with his fans through music, including a surprise wedding performance of “Thinking Out Loud.”

The event, though it happened years ago, continues to symbolize the power of music to bring joy and unity. Sheeran’s spontaneous acts of sharing his art have made a lasting impression on his followers.

Sheeran’s discography, with hits like “Shape of You” and the emotive “Perfect,” has a universal appeal that touches fans worldwide. The song at the center of Sydney’s unforgettable duet, “Thinking Out Loud,” stands as an emblem of love and togetherness.

The impromptu duet between Sydney Bourbeau and Ed Sheeran remains a beautiful reminder of life’s simple pleasures and the unexpected gifts that music can present. It’s a celebration of the spontaneous moments that continue to inspire and bring warmth to listeners everywhere.

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