Amazing Brother and Sister Managed To Capture The Attention Of Global Audience With Their Over 20 Million Views Kitchen Duet

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 8, 2024

Brother and sister Nathan and Eva Leach are avid YouTubers who managed to capture the attention of a global audience with their hit duet. Singing straight out of there home in Charleston, South Caroline, these young but talented singers perform a beautiful rendition of ‘Hero’ that couldn’t go unnoticed.

While many of their other videos have reached a healthy level of success, none can compare to the over 20 million views racked up by this truly remarkable performance. The folk song ‘Hero’ by Family of the Year Has never sounded as good as this unexpected harmony between two siblings.

From the moment that Nathan starts strumming, it’s clear that there is something special about to build. Two voices combine into an act that’s not only rich of sound and touching but one that imbues each word with the essence of their loving relationship as brother and sister. As they trade verses, one can’t but hope for the moment where they’ll soon be singing together.

Just when you thought you’d seen the best of these two, their performance steps up a notch with Eva adding a beat with a shaker. After a few bars, it’s tossed under her leg to her brother without once disturbing the flow. WIth shaker in hand, he continues to play the guitar, while Eva instead plays the harmonica to perfection.

Nathan and Eva Leach are emerging stars who know how to put on a show from a very young age. Their bond conveys energy and enthusiasm as they put forth a confident act that takes little more than their God-given gifts, and ability to come together as brother and sister. Their moving recreation of ‘Hero’ calls for more!

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