They Way These Siblings Harmonize Their Voices Is Incredible, Not To Mention Eva’s Harmonica Solo Will Blow You Away

ByQuyen Anne

Apr 8, 2024

For the last couple if years, teen Nathan Leach has been quietly sharing videos of himself playing covers of songs on the internet. But this particular video of him and sister Eva definitely catapulted his efforts into the echelon of Viral Video Hall of Fame.

Casually sitting in the kitchen, Nathan and Eva begin their initially somber rendition of Family of the Year‘s hit ‘Hero‘. After a couple minutes, they completely transcend their shy exteriors and belt this song with utmost confidence and emotion.

It’s not very common to find a family this talented. And not only are Nathan and Eva regularly posting videos of songs together, the entire Leach clan has a YouTube channel where you can check out the talented siblings in action!

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