Dance Crew Lines Up In Gym, But Crowd Goes Crazy When Lights Go Out Mid-Song

ByQuyen Anne

Feb 26, 2024

To stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive high school athletics, students have to work incredibly hard to add a unique element. Every team needs to add something interesting and unique, regardless of what sport they are playing. Recently, a high school drill team did exactly that. The Dodge City High School Drill team not only shocked the crowd, but they delighted them as well during the championship finals for a basketball game.

The halftime performance began with the Leonard Cohen classic, “Hallelujah” while the team moved to the center of the court. The song was performed by the students as two girls joined in on the singing. While the trio sang the song, the others on the floor began to dance slowly, with rhythm and elegance. However, it seemed like a typical performance. The girls quickly revealed something unique as people began to notice the differences in the girls’ costumes. The white dresses revealed wing-like capes that added a sense of the mystical to the dance. They also wore crowns that lit up during the performance. The audience quickly discovered why.

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