Gigi De Lana’s Breathtaking Rendition Of “Saving All My Love For You” Took The Spotlight

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 15, 2024

GG Vibes’s rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You” is a must-listen for those considering covering a Whitney Houston song. Whitney Houston, described as a Mezzo Soprano with a range of just over 3 octaves, had a voice that Gary Catona, her voice coach, praised for how she used it rather than just her range. The unique qualities in Whitney Houston’s delivery made her performances exceptional.

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Whitney had a natural talent for effortlessly singing high notes using her chest voice, setting her apart from most other singers. Although she also had a good lower range, she tended to focus more on her middle and upper range. Therefore, if you struggle to sing in the high range and make it sound natural, like Gigi De Lana from GG Vibes, it’s best to avoid attempting Whitney songs. Let’s enjoy De Lana and her band’s performance of “Saving All My Love For You.”

Singing Whitney songs, especially those showcasing her high range, is challenging. Gigi De Lana from GG Vibes fearlessly took on the task, performing “Saving All My Love For You” during a live stream. Her rendition has garnered 16.5 million views, showcasing her impressive vocal abilities.

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Thousands of compliments are seen, showing viewers’ interest in this cover. One wrote, “Very soothing and sweet. She puts a different spin on every song she sings, seems like she does a new trick with her voice every time. I can still recognize the deep smokiness and soulfulness that comes out in every song.”

Another also commented, “I’ve heard so many covers of this song but Gigi’s cover kept the original vibe of the song. Her inflections and tonality brings out the intended emotions displayed by Olivia Newton John in the movie Grease. Love it.”

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