Taylor Swift Surprises London Crowd with Ed Sheeran to Perform “Lego House” on Red Tour

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 15, 2024

Taylor Swift’s third concert series, the ‘Red Tour,’ was a monumental event that followed her highly acclaimed ‘Red’ album. This tour, which lasted from March 2013 to June 2014, included an impressive 86 performances across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. An estimated 1.7 million fans attended, contributing to a staggering $150 million in gross revenue.

Taylor Swift shows off her perfect pins in a pair of black shorts at Summertime Ball | Daily Mail Online

During the North American stretch, Ed Sheeran emerged as a primary supporting act, with artists like Brett Eldredge, Florida Georgia Line, and occasionally Austin Mahone also warming up the stage. Yet, it was Ed Sheeran’s unexpected appearance at the London concert on February 1, 2014, that became an unforgettable highlight.

As Taylor Swift playfully hinted to the audience about a special guest, anticipation built rapidly. The moment she suggested Ed Sheeran might be present, the O2 Arena, packed with 74,000 fans, erupted in excitement. As the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar began, the atmosphere was electric.

Watch the incredible performance in the video below:

The duo’s rendition of “Lego House” during the ‘Red Tour’ was a standout moment. Midway through, Taylor Swift paused to share a personal anecdote about their friendship, expressing her admiration for Ed Sheeran’s music and their collaborative journey.

Taylor Swift, a global icon cherished by legions of fans, has a knack for filling stadiums with her electrifying presence. Yet, when she shares the stage with Ed Sheeran, her humility is palpable. As they perform together, Taylor subtly dials back her powerful vocals, allowing Ed’s gentle, distinctively English tones to take center stage—a testament to their deep-rooted camaraderie.

The bond between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran has long been a topic of fascination, sparking rumors of a romance since 2013. Despite the gossip, Ed Sheeran has consistently set the record straight, affirming their bond is nothing but a close-knit friendship.

“Lego House,” the third single from Ed Sheeran’s debut album ‘+’ released in 2011, was a global sensation, peaking at number five on the UK music charts. By 2013, it had sold over a million copies and amassed more than 29 million streams. The track has since achieved double Platinum status in the UK and the US, and six times Platinum in Australia.

The combination of Ed Sheeran’s impeccable vocals and guitar skills with Taylor Swift’s dynamic presence made this live performance memorable.

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