Hold on, is that a young Ed Sheeran? Watch this 12-year-old’s stunning rendition of ‘Hallelujah’

ByQuyen Anne

Dec 21, 2023

Watch this 12-year-old’s stunning rendition of ‘Hallelujah’.

Before she became a sensation, young Allie Sherlock was known only to those who happened upon her street performances. From showcasing her talent in bustling urban areas to amassing a following with her YouTube cover songs, Allie is steadily building her reputation.

Not only does she share her own performances, but Allie also features others who accompany her during her busking sessions.

Recently, she was joined by a 12-year-old redhead named Fionn Wheelan while performing Leonard Cohen’s iconic song, ‘Hallelujah.’ Fionn’s rendition was so captivating that it left many in awe.

Allie likened him to a young Ed Sheeran, and once you hear him, you’ll understand why. Numerous people were struck by Fionn’s gift, with many concurring that he has the potential for a successful music career.

Comments like, “I rarely get chills from singers, but this kid is phenomenal,” and “Both their voices are incredible,” were common reactions to the performance.

You can check out their captivating duet in the video below. Let us know your thoughts.

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