The Brown Brothers Overcomed Their Great Fear In Performing On Stage, Impressing With 10 Different Voices

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 20, 2024

The AGT 2022 audition showcased numerous exceptional performances that left both judges and audiences in awe. Among these, the Brown Brothers’ act stood out as one of the most brilliant.

Nate and Gabe, both US Navy veterans and individuals on the Autistic spectrum, faced great fear in performing on stage. Despite this, their performance was truly remarkable.

Before starting their performance, Gabe humorously expressed his difficulty with socializing and the terrifying nature of being on stage. He quipped, “Socializing is difficult and this is kind of terrifying, really”. He acknowledged that they are high-functioning individuals, who excel at pretending to be “normal,” although he believed he had never encountered a so-called “normal” person.

THE BROWN BROTHERS AGT - INCREDIBLE is there NOTHING these bros CANT DO????????? - YouTube

Upon being asked by Judge Howie Mandell about their aspirations for appearing on AGT, Gabe responded, “That we can be a voice for and inspire people like us”.

The Brown Brothers are a talented music duo. Nate possesses exceptional skills as a multi-instrumentalist, while Gabe showcases his talent as a singer with a knack for vocal impressions.

During their AGT audition, the brothers presented the judges with sets of yellow character cards and blue song cards to choose from. This element of surprise meant they couldn’t anticipate which songs and character combinations would arise.

Let’s watch their amazing performance in the video below:

As Gabe said, there were a staggering 576 possible combinations, making the Brothers’ performance essentially improvisational. It is worth noting that the Simon Cowell card appeared, adding an interesting twist, as Cowell is often a subject of impersonation and jest on AGT and BGT.

Since its release, the video has garnered 6.7 million views with thousands of great compliments. Plenty of viewers believe that these two talents deserved to get a golden buzzer.

One commented, “He sang in 10 different voices in 3 minutes, and all were spot on. That really deserved a golden buzzer.” Another added, “I’m honestly shocked they didn’t get a golden buzzer. Not only can he really sing, but the impressions are impressive.”

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