These 5 Boys’ Spectacular Cover Of “The Greatest Showman” Song Will Make You Want To Rewatch The Movie Again

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 20, 2024

In 2017, the cinematic world was dazzled by “The Greatest Showman,” a film that brought to life the story of P. T. Barnum and his circus legacy. The movie, glossing over Barnum’s more controversial history, captivated audiences with its stunning dance routines, eye-catching costumes, and powerful vocals, turning its soundtrack into an instant classic.

Bring It North "A Million Dreams" PERFECT SONG Britain's Got Talent 2018 Semi Finals 5 BGT S12E12 - YouTube

The movie traces Barnum’s journey from his humble beginnings as a boy, dreaming alongside a young girl who would later become his wife. Despite his disadvantaged background, his grand visions for the future captivate her, embodying the essence of hope and ambition.

This cinematic masterpiece inspired countless covers of its unforgettable tracks. Among these, a heartwarming cover of “A Million Dreams” by five young boys captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, quickly spreading across the internet.

These youthful individuals are from the group Bring It North, whose united voices have brought them to the semi-final stage of the 2018 British’s Got Talent. All the judges were incredibly impressed with their voices and in-sync synergy. This version of “A Million Dreams” wasn’t performed on television, however.

Performed by these young boys, “A Million Dreams” resonates with a newfound depth, their harmonious voices reminding listeners of the boundless potential and optimism of youth. It’s a performance that renews faith in the future, highlighting the importance of nurturing dreams in the next generation.

While these boys may not yet be widely recognized, their rendition of this anthem has left a lasting impression on all who’ve heard it, underscoring the message that as long as dreams thrive, so does hope for what’s to come. You can also follow their YouTube channel, Bring It North, here.

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