This “Stand By Me” Rendition By Artist Around The World Will Surely Give You Chills

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 17, 2024

The rendition of Ben E. King’s iconic “Stand By Me” orchestrated by Playing For Change is utterly breathtaking. Ben E. King, who passed away in April 2015, is one of the greatest American soul and R&B singers ever. He’s also a renowned producer. “Stand By Me” remains one of the artist’s best hits, having topped the chart in UK in 1987, and got into the Top 10 US Chart in 1961 and later 1986.

Over thirty years later, under the organization Playing For Change’s influence, the acclaimed song was covered in the most spectacular way possible. The power of this version lies not just in the timeless appeal of the song itself, but in the remarkable way it was brought to life.

Playing For Change, with its noble goal of fostering global harmony through music, masterfully wove together contributions from artists across the globe into a seamless masterpiece. Dive into this musical journey by watching the video below and experience the beauty of collaboration and peace through music.

The journey of this musical marvel begins with solo street musicians in California and Louisiana, setting a heartfelt tone. As the melody unfolds, an array of artists from diverse corners of the planet, including The Netherlands, France, Brazil, Venezuela, The Congo, South Africa, Spain, Russia, and Italy, add their unique flavors. The seamless integration of such varied talents into a single track is nothing short of magical, showcasing the uniting power of music.

This version of “Stand By Me” is a testament to the idea that music transcends boundaries, languages, and cultures. Each artist, while miles apart, contributes to a harmonious blend that resonates with a message of unity and solidarity. It’s a vivid reminder, much like the song’s core message, of the importance of standing by each other, irrespective of our geographical divides.

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