Watch Of The Live Performance Were Captivated By P!NK’s Stage Presence And Vocal Prowess As She Belted Out The Iconic Tune

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 18, 2024

P!nk took the stage at Wembley Arena, addressing the lively crowd with a simple request: “If y’all know this song, please help me sing it…and if you don’t know the song, the lyrics are, hey yay yay yay yay, what’s going on.”

With that, she launched into the opening lines of 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up”, igniting a performance that would quickly become a viral sensation. The video spread like wildfire across the internet, amassing nearly a staggering 124 million views on YouTube.

Watch of the live performance were captivated by P!nk’s stage presence and vocal prowess as she belted out the iconic tune. Her ability to command the song with such confidence left a lasting impression on those who were lucky enough to be in the audience that night.

While many were enthralled by P!nk’s solo performance, others appreciated her gesture of humility as she stepped back and allowed her backup singers to take the spotlight towards the end of the song.

One YouTube commenter praised her for her generosity, stating, “So classy, she gives the stage to her backup singers and lets them have the spotlight…an amazing song and years later I still feel the goosebumps and joy in the crowd – Pink has always been such a class act!”

Even those who may not have been die-hard P!nk fans couldn’t help but acknowledge the power of her rendition of “What’s Up”. One viewer, who stumbled upon the video while searching for covers of the song, expressed admiration for her energy and authenticity as an artist. “I’m not even a big Pink fan…but she has such great energy and seems like such a genuine artist who never compromised. You gotta respect.”

It’s touching to see how P!nk’s rendition of “What’s Up” continues to resonate with listeners, providing moments of inspiration and upliftment during difficult times.

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