Too Many Heartbreaking Events Happening At The Same Time In Ed Sheeran’s Life Caused Him To Suffer From Severe Depression

ByQuyen Anne

Mar 7, 2024

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ed Sheeran suddenly shared about his depression. In it, he revealed heartbreaking stories that happened to him that made him not want to live anymore.

The first event that happened in Ed Sheeran’s life was when his wife – Cherry Seaborn – was pregnant with their second daughter when she discovered she had a tumor. She had surgery to remove this tumor on the same day as the British singer’s tour last year. This makes him extremely helpless when he cannot be with his wife.

Ed Sheeran opens up about having suicidal thoughts - Photo 1.

Ed Sheeran and wife Cherry Seaborn (Photo: Getty Images)

At the same time his wife discovered an unusual tumor, Ed Sheeran witnessed the passing of his close friend – Jamal Edwards – who died at the age of 31 due to arrhythmia caused by a cocaine overdose. Ed Sheeran discovered the loss just one day after texting Edwards about his music plans. A month later, another friend of the singer – Australian cricket player Shane Warne – also passed away.

Also during the time he was facing so many sudden deaths, the owner of the hit song Shape of You was caught up in a plagiarism lawsuit surrounding this hit song.

In the interview, Ed Sheeran admitted that he had faced depression since he was a child due to feeling like an outcast in elementary school because of his appearance, “bright hair, big blue glasses, stuttering, perforated eardrum”.

Ed Sheeran opens up about having suicidal thoughts - Photo 2.

Ed Sheeran on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Too many traumatic events caused his depression to return and become more and more severe. “I felt like I didn’t want to live anymore,” Ed Sheeran recalled, “I had this feeling all my life, like I was sinking under the waves and couldn’t get out.”

“People in the UK always think it’s weird to talk to a psychiatrist but I think it’s incredibly helpful. It’s a relief to talk to someone and not have to feel guilty for complaining. Finally After all, I live a pretty good life and my friends always say my life isn’t bad either,” Ed Sheeran concluded.

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